Selling IS Serving

From the UPSA: The word "sell" is derived from the Iclandic word "selja" and the Anglo-Saxon word syllan - both of these mean "to serve" or "to give".

Isn't that interesting to someone who thinks selling is scamming, or "tricking" people to buy?

Selling is an admirable profession, and serving your customers as a small business owner includes introducing customers and prospective customers to new and different products and services. When you move a customer or prospective customer to action, and exchange something for your goods and or services, that is sales.

Contrast that to our images of "slick" salesmen and lack of serving that the profession continues to perpetuate in some areas.

So who do you serve? If you don't remember how to serve others, think of the hurricane victims on the Gulf Coast and the incredible stories of rescue -- and the neighbors, friends, and outsiders who have come in to serve others. Take that same spirit and apply it to your business. If you think that doesn't connect - well, it could - because you can earmark part of your increased earnings that you will have, once you truly decide to serve others - and give a percentage away - to those who have survived that tragedy or another one closer to your community.

That's how sales fuels everything else. It is an honorable way to earn a living - and you can accelerate your efforts, then turn part of the profits into serving even more people.

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