Salesperson's Credo

From an inspirational book called Sales - Lessons Learned by Jim Williamson comes an old quote and some great thoughts around it. The quote is:

I, and millions like me, have educated more people, created more jobs, introduced more inventions, and have given more laborers and business owners a fuller life than anyone in history.

- Salesperson's Credo 1928

Jim goes on to add:

I found the 1928 sales creed above and saved it because it was true then, and it's still true today. The average American salesperson in today's economy keeps 33 people at work -- 33 people producing the product he or she sells -- and is indirectly responsible for the livelihood of 130 people.

When you complete a sale, you have granted literally hundreds of people along the supply line one more unit of production, from the raw materials to the finished product. Our lives are better off because of salespeople. Look around at our technological advancements and all the comforts of living. Even the ideas for these had to be sold by someone. Someone had to be sold on manufacturing them, some on advertising them, some on marketing them, and yes, ultimately some on purchasing them.

Sales_book_cover Jim's book makes such a great gift that I bought a bunch of them - if you want one, email me and I'll hook you up with one for $10, which includes shipping. It covers 24 topics on professional selling and is an easy read - great gift for sales pros from the people who love them.

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