Sales Tip: Make Contact with 5 Prospective Customers Today

You are busy running a business, offering customer service, doing paperwork, and many other aspects of being a professional in sales or as business owner.

Take a 30 minute break (yes, I do think of this as a break) and make five phone calls - or send some personalized email to your more probable prospective customers. Today.

Why? Well gosh, first of all, you need to grow business. In this economy, a good client today can be on hold tomorrow. Even giants like Bank of America are scrutinizing checks being deposited as they know that just about anyone can simply close their doors with no warning.

Don't be left out in the cold - have such a robust pipeline with so many deals that if you lose one here or there, it won't devastate your own business.

So, pick up the phone.... and move your sales opportunity one step closer to closure.

This is a tip from "50 Ways in 50 Days - Inspiration and Tips to Fearlessly Energize Your Business and Score More Sales" by Lori Richardson, available at Score More Sales.

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