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Want to be around 30 experts in selling and presenting? I spent yesterday with an amazing group of sales effectiveness thought leaders and all of them are women - most of us who have been "in the trenches" of corporate B2B selling. We did a day of presentations on best practices - which makes me ask - do you participate in your industry's best practices? Do you ever present in front of your peers?

Presentation tips from a few of the experts:

Jill Konrath writes Presentations of Mass Destruction

Presentation Expert Anne Miller has a great tips booklet: 67 Tips for Presenting Like a Pro. Learn the fine points of what really successful presenters do to win business

Lynn Hidy of MidCourse Coaching adds:

  1. Always remember that others have NO idea how you think it is going to go inside your head, consequently if it doesn’t go that way – they aren’t disappointed!
  2. Being credible comes from believing in yourself first.

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