Powerful Questions Make for Helpful Conversations & Closed Sales

You are working to learn more about whether someone you are talking with / emailing with / texting? with/ or meeting with might be a good fit for your products and services.

Powerful questions are what you need to ask to peel back the layers of the answers. What is a powerful question?

One that makes the respondent think before they just throw an answer out.

Someone who knows all about asking the right questions is Sharon Drew Morgen, the creator of Buying Facilitation. She has done amazing work in this area, is the leader on this subject, and is someone whose work I recommend to many of my clients - to get people to think differently, and in a bigger way.

Are you able to get people to think beyond the situation or task at hand - to get at why things are the way they are, and how can you, as a seller, help your contact learn how to facilitate the purchase and acquisition of what it is you'd like to sell them - or not.

A powerful question often creates more questions. Powerful by nature, it is not just the first thing that comes out of your head, but it is thoughtful and often can start with "how" or "why".

How will you incorporate thoughtful, powerful questions to gain more knowledge and be of service to others as you get them more involved or less involved with your products and services? Why would this be of value to you and your business?

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