Phrases that Command Attention in Selling

It is always good to think about what you are saying over and over again each day when you are a seller. Over the years I've compiled a list of power words and phrases that get attention - or move people off of their "homeostasis" - and grab a bit of attention.

That is what we need, after all - a moment to get someone's attention. I don't mind if ultimately the decline my offer - but I want them to at least hear what it is that I have to say as a seller, don't you?

Here's my favorite phrase when trying to reach someone through voice mail, courtesy of my husband:

It's not urgent, but it is important.

Try this phrase next time you can't get ahold of someone but DO have value to offer them. Post your comments or send me an email as to how successful it was for you.

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills

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