One Sales Action a Day.... leads to NEW revenues....

I got fired up when I saw Shane Gibson's tweet recommending contacting 5 (just 5) prospects. In Shane's words:

Sales Tip: Make a list of 5 great prospects or clients you've been meaning to call. Then call them. NOW.

This is one of those "no-brainer" tips I talk to clients about all the time - just think if everyone on your sales team did this? Just think if you - business owner, and biggest predictor of your business success, did this regularly?

It is easy to get sidetracked, focused on follow-up, and research. My advice - just make that list of five right now - get it done, and block your calendar to do it daily through the end of the month. Try it, measure it, and let me know how it goes!

This is listed as one of my tips in 50 Ways in 50 Days to Score More Sales... one amazing tip, when practiced regularly!

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