Montana Sales Inspiration

I'm in Helena, Montana for my cousin Pat's birthday celebration. That celebration was today, and it never ceases to amaze me as to the diversity, quirks, and surprises within my own family and those friends of the family who come to the big family celebrations.

At my cousin's incredible, historic B&B called the Bungalow, I met cowboy poet and photographer named Mike Logan. He is well known in Montana and in "cowboy poetry" circles - and has published seven books. What is ironic is that he told me that his first career was as an IBM sales rep for office products back in the days of the Selectric typewriter.  While he didn't like sales and ultimately got out of that career, he did acknowledge that nothing happens until someone sells something. My kind of cowboy! Mike has some beautiful photography in the books that he, uh... sells.

Here is just a sampling of my relatives' professions at this event: geophysicist, psychiatrist (recently retired due to getting tired of listening to people complain about their problems), attorney, writer, pilot, television sports producer, and my world traveling second cousin who works for Halliburton.  Throw in a few dozen friends from all walks of life, and you have a real party!

What I love about Montana is the natural beauty, and the way I slow down when I get here. At the B&B there is no cell phone coverage, and little Internet access. Also no Best Buy, or CompUSA, or Computer City - most around here would say that is "just fine with them"

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