Monday Telecall for Sellers and Sales Pros - 3 Dynamic Phone Strategies

Tomorrow our weekly sales inspiration call will center around dynamic phone strategies that work. Based on the callers dialing in, we'll focus it on one of these:

Collecting information

Reaching the decision maker

Getting an appointment or next action

Keeping your enthusiasm when you spend hours making calls

This week's topic doesn't center just around cold calling, in fact we all need to communicate with our prospective customers as well as existing customers and clients no matter who we are - unless we have a totally virtual business.  Sometimes this happens by phone. These calls can be warm or not-warm (ok, cold) - but so many people get hung up on the issue of cold-calling. I'm suggesting you look at things another way.

My goal in a first time conversation is to reach a decision maker (or their admin) and always to try to warm the call up - through a person we have in common, or a reference to my prospects' industry, their product, or their company. After that conversation, it is not a cold prospect to me anymore.

I don't recommend ever referencing false connections or offering small talk - to know more about this, take a look at a post on What Not To Do in Cold Calling.

To be successful, I have to become a good listener. I'm listening for tone, for meaning, for message. The words that people choose can be very telling.

The question really is: how can phoning be a part of a multi-faceted, targeted campaign to move sales opportunities forward and close deals? The phone is a key element, and mastering any strategies to help you succeed by using the telephone is a great start.

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills

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