Martha Stewart on Customer Service

It is interesting to see Martha Stewart talking more about how she built her businesses, rather than just her focus on improving homemakers' lives. As a long time Martha fan, I am pleased to learn what she has to say about business building - including how she worked to put herself in her customers' shoes. An article in my local paper (distributed through the NY Times Syndicate) takes from her book, "The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Build, or Manage a Business." by Martha Stewart. Copyright © 2005.

What stood out for me was Martha saying this:

There are many unmet needs in our complex world.

Isn't that the truth? Think of things that people are frustrated with, that you always hear complaints about. In selling, we hear about salespeople who can't close business - we hear about companies who are losing market share and who can't create an accurate sales forecast. For me, this is music to my ears - providing solutions for these needs which are critical for business success is always different, depending on the organization - and nearly always rewarding.

I also enjoyed seeing Martha's list of Seven Necessities for Assessing Your Business Idea. You can read more here.

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