Learn to Sell... start with the Basics

Since I'm speaking about sales basics today with some students and new entrepreneurs, I'm thinking about how complex we make things - like our sales process - like explaining what we do to prospects - like our follow up plan (or no plan?) and all the distractions that come with growing a business or a territory.

Keep it simple - keep your focus, and keep track of what you commit to, and what you say you'll do. Get next actions with prospects -and listen to what they really want and need.

If you do just those things..... you will grow your business. Add a killer value proposition - your differentiator - and you are off to a good start.

For more - email me or contact me through Score More Sales and I'll send you my "Top 25 List of Sales Resources" - the best of the best. Now go sell something.

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills

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