Know an Ethical, Great Auto Dealership? Need Your Input

Having been contracted to find the "top" auto dealerships in five markets, it makes me curious to hear others comment on "what makes a great auto dealership?" It would be interesting to learn who your favorite auto dealership is for any of these categories:

- top dealer from a revenue standpoint: who is the most successful dealership in your market?

- top dealer you prefer to work with: have you purchased multiple autos from them?

- top dealer from an ethical standpoint: community leader, low employee turnover, great dealer principal leadership

- one you've heard about for years

It's funny you can't find a list of these dealers (at least I haven't found one) - even regional lists - the markets I'm most interested in are: New England (Boston, CT, Providence, Upstate NY); Las Vegas / Nevada; Bay Area, CA; Seattle / Pacific NW; and "other" - to be determined. Any dealer comments are of value though.

Personally, I've been fascinated with auto dealerships for years based on the low numbers of women sales professionals (still) that I read about - so for bonus points, I'd love to hear additionally about dealerships that have solved that issue and have a mix of sales professionals on staff - men and women. Not just one lone woman or "we used to have a woman" - where are the auto dealers that have more than one woman in sales on staff? [this could be a totally different answer than my first question - but somehow I suspect they might be connected.]

Your comments needed! Wherever you live, please report back on the best auto dealerships you know of - regardless of where they are. Send a link to their site and I'll post a list once I've collected responses. You can reply here, or email me at lori (at) score more sales (dot) com. Thanks for your help on this one!!

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