Join the Weekly Sales Inspiration tele-call

Once again, I'm hosting a weekly no-charge tele-conference call (there is a long distance charge to your phone) that focuses on sales inspiration. This series begins today and runs through March 2006. The call lasts just 21 minutes each week, and 6 of those minutes are for your questions and comments. Our call begins at 11AM EST/ 8AM PST. Join in - just call (319) 632-1100, then dial 569212#.

Each week, we will talk about the inspiration, attitude, and mindset required to succeed in a big way in sales. If you are successful, then join us to share tips. If you are like most sales professionals and want to be MORE successful, then dial in and share what you know, plus learn a thing or two from others.

Professional sellers and business owners who wear the sales hat nearly always want to increase revenues and learn from past mistakes. Let's share to help support others - if you know of someone in sales, or who is running their own business needing sales, please forward this information to them, and "see" you on the calls. Mark your calendars - the goal is to make it a highlight of your week.

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills

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