I've Been Tagged by Jill Konrath

Occasionally I've been tagged by someone to offer some facts about myself. Typically I was so slow to respond that I missed out on the fun.

This week, however, is different. I was tagged by sales expert and all around great woman, Jill Konrath, who is putting on a first-ever event for women in sales, called Sales Shebang (more on that later). The way this tag game works, I am to list eight little-known facts about myself - so here goes:

1. I used to play the concert marimba and vibes - yes, I was a percussionist in high school!
2. I attended the Continental Auctioneers School in Mankato, MN four years ago and became a fundraising auctioneer.
3. I love to buy local and support local business - that's one reason why I like Biznik so much
4. I live in two countries (makes it easier to buy locally!) - Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC.
5. I could write a book on how slow the US Immigrations office is - and I may
6. This summer, we went to Aruba, and it is my new favorite place.
7. I love ice hockey, and have NHL pay per view each season
8.  I have blogged at All Business on sales topics since early 2005.

There you have it. I'm interested now in hearing from other fellow bloggers, so consider yourself  TAGGED:

1. Keith Rosen - Executive Sales Coach
2. Denise O'Berry - Small Business Expert
3. Brandon Hull - Sales Team Tools
4. Lisa Haneberg - Author on Management and Focus
5. Lisa Dennis - Customer Service and Biz Building Expert

These are all great people to know - check them out!

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