Importance of Follow Up

I write about it all the time, and continue to roll my eyes when a client ends up losing a customer because of their lack of follow through. It's a topic that has come up with three different clients this past week, so I am posting a few no-brainer tips, yet they seem to be needed as some of us are forgetting that our customers always have a choice.

1. Keep on your customer's radar screen. Even when they seem happy with you - call them and see if there is anything else you can do for them. Sometimes people won't say by email but if they see you are going the extra mile by phone they sometimes will say more.

2. If your customer is not currently purchasing, begin a "drip mailing" campaign right away! At a MINIMUM, send a quarterly post card to those most important to your business. If they are referring others or making purchases thenmselves, even if not recently - keep in contact. Send them knowledge about their industry or connect them to resources. Add value!!

3. Always be asking those important questions - how things are changing next quarter.... how they see their business changing as the economy improves, etc.

Do not take valuable customers for granted. Your industry counterparts are knocking on their doors, just waiting for you to goof up. Are you going to hand it to them on a silver platter?

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