Growing Revenues for Businesses, Raising Funds for Nonprofits

Do you have a Mighty Cause you champion outside of your career? Perhaps your Mighty Cause is integrated into your work? For me, helping entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their revenues, and helping nonprofits grow funds IS my professional career and main cause.

Whether you volunteer as a Big Sister or Big Brother, donate to charity events, or make donations online, you need to know that many not-for-profits (in particular the smaller ones) don't often think like a business - which can cause a lot of struggle, stress, and lower operating dollars.

When I say to "think like a business" - I mean that good non-profits need MORE money coming in than going out - first and foremost. Here are a few other points to think about - and talk to your favorite cause to make sure they are maximizing their time and efforts:

- They need to contact their constituents more than just when you want something from them

- They need to set goals and objectives working off of a mission and vision for the charity

- They need to clearly state who they are and build their brand to gain more supporters

- They need good tax and financial advice so their efforts won't be in vein

- They need to work on donor retention as well as finding new donors on an ongoing basis

- They need a solid board of advisers or directors

What cause do you champion? If it is not a huge non-profit, are there ways they could be more effective and manage their funds better? Why not offer your ideas to them and help them grow?

Post your thoughts - it will help others.

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