Getting Things Done - Road Trip to Seattle

There is no question that the biggest strategy you can use in selling is the idea of taking action.... but what actions to take? In working with teams around the globe, the idea is the same - identifying those actions that lead to new sales, new revenues, and that retain existing customers for life.

One of the major issues people in selling (including sales leaders) have is in managing their time. As a former Franklin-Covey facilitator, I spent so many hours talking to people about using their planner, and focusing on what matters most. It was great theory, but the actual steps and process threw people. The planners I gave out in my sessions turned out to be glorified address books and monthly calendars - that's about it.

Enter time management guru David Allen and his concepts in Getting Things Done. Brilliant! When I first read his book a number of years ago, I realized that Allen gets it - he knew that just telling people about what to do wouldn't solve their issues.

Now he's on the road, sharing The Roadmap on Getting Things Done, and he's using the game concept - Winning at the Game of Work, and the Business of Life - to help people succeed. I like the winning analogy - we all want to win - especially in sales.

In a little more than a month, David Allen will be here in Seattle, for his last stop this year. Next year he goes to New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC - but not until February or March - so no matter where you live, make a road trip and head to Seattle for this event. (there is a discount if you book before October 30th)  Plan to end your year with a gift to yourself - the roadmap to success in managing your time and your life.

I've yet to see David in person, but have read all of his books and reference his system in all the sales training and consulting that I do - especially when it involves getting organized and focused to get things done. His system and ideas are proven effective, and are very detailed as to how to do what you need to do - which is where the Franklin-Covey folks fell short. FC got us to agree to the importance of time - and how we need to prioritize the important things - but didn't have an elegant way to get people universally to take action.

In this flagship seminar of his - The Roadmap - David Allen will cover many things, including some basics that we all need to master:
Why organizational issues are often personal process issues
Why it's so challenging to really change the simplest habits, and the secret key to make it easier
How to use procrastination to your advantage
How to continually self-consult to get back “on your game”
How to install simple tricks that create profound results

He will help
Practice important decision-making on the front end, and
Identify the key conversations to have with yourself and others and set next actions in place to start them

There are quite a few other results touted, but if one could leave with just those two points addressed, think of the change it could make in your life.

So - yes, roadtrip. Use those frequent flier miles - and come to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to see David Allen in action - I am encouraging all of my clients to do the same - it will be a day of breakthrough for those struggling with the basic issues of personal productivity. Attend to meet one of the top executive coaches in the U.S. - and focus on getting things done. Drop a note if you do, and we'll all meet after the session and do a debrief over cocktails.

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