Generating New Business

Net new business. It's what we all need, in addition to the further add-on and repeat purchases of our existing client base.

For new business - try some "new" strategies in 2005. Here are a few great ideas from PAULINE GRAIVIER & ROB HOFFMAN as printed in the Dallas Morning News:

The recipe for success is one part preparation, one part seizing opportunities – stir and heat until golden. Below you will find a short stack of ideas. Bon appétit.

Cement creative thinking to your daily schedule. Calendar a 20-minute period each day, preferably in the morning when your blood sugar (a.k.a. creative juice) is high. Focus on nothing but your business strategy. Don't expect miracles but strive for one epiphany per week.

History is a great mentor. List the most profitable sales or best customers you generated over during the previous three years. What techniques did you use to create rapport, gain trust, educate, and finally close these deals? Once patterns emerge, vow to repeat them this year.

Be the first in your category. If you can't be first, create a new subcategory in which you can be first. For example, who was the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean? Lindbergh, of course. Who was the second? No one knows, even though Number 2 presumably flew faster and more efficiently. Who was the third? Amelia Earhart. How is it we all know the third person and not the second? Earhart created her own niche in which she was first – the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. Here's another example. For years the market was full of cold medicines, many of which have since faded beyond memory. But we all know Nyquil – the first "nighttime" cold medicine. Distinguish your product or service to the point where it has no competition.

Pauline has been coaching executives for 35 years and is president of Verbal Communications Inc. Rob has been dispensing practical advice to corporations for two decades. Contact them at 12700 Preston Road, Suite 170, Dallas, TX 75230, or by e-mail

Great tips -- So, I'm curious - what ONE new strategy will YOU try this year? For me, I'm beginning a monthly mailing to all of my alliance partners. More on that later this week.

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