Foundations of Selling - Day 5: Inspiration

We've talked about four key areas this week which make up the foundation for a seller to have in order to be successful - Having unshakable confidence, honing in on a strong value proposition for your products or services, mastering the art of listening (as well as communications in general)and in knowing how to serve clients as well as prospective clients and customers. As critical as these all are for success, I believe strongly that without inspiration - there is no foundation - there is no "power house of sales". It would all be for 'naught.

Inspiration is what keeps you going. Being inspired is not like being motivated - when someone wants to "motivate" you - it is probably for their gain. Sales managers do a "rah rah" thing every now and again to "fire up the troops" so that THEY can make their number - their quarter, their year (oh, and so can you.... ) - but INSPIRATION is very personal - different people are inspired by different things. Find out what inspires you, and what inspires your prospects, your clients, customers, vendors, and colleagues.

According to the Get Inspired Club, the definition of inspire:

The word inspire comes from the Latin word for inspirare, which means to breath upon or into.  When we are inspired, we expand beyond what we previously were, or know our selves to be. Our lives have new breath. Our soul and our actions are one.

Take a deep breath and think about how you love what you do, or if you don't like anything about what you do. Assess the strong points and weak points of how you are spending your days so far this month. Is it rewarding? Are you learning? Is it fun? Those answers will help you realize whether you are inspired, and if you are not - there IS hope.

"Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, 'This is the real me,' and when you have found that attitude, follow it."

---William James

Do you feel alive? I know we are talking about work here - your business - your sales career - not new age philosophy. I guarantee that if you don't feel juiced up and alive everyday - excited to make calls and talk to potential new customers and clients - IT SHOWS. People feel it, they see it in your body language and they hear it in your voice. Ask those around you for their thoughts on your energy and excitement level.

Oh, and for inspiration, pick up a Dale Carnegie book - most anyone will do.

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