Foundations of Selling - Day 2: Value Proposition

If confidence/certainty is the cement for your Sales foundation, then your strong value proposition is the water to mix that cement and turn it into concrete.

Many of us have wonderful fantastic products and services - at least we are sure of this. Whether we convey it well to others, and can differentiate our offer from another offer is key. As sellers, we need to make it easy for prospective buyers to understand why they should work with us rather than someone else.

The solution is to make it easy for people to buy. Offer value that someone can wrap their arms around, such as quantifiable, measurable difference, and offer proof.

Here are some steps to help with crafting your Value Prop:

Define what you do in terms of tanigle business results.

Talk to your customers or clients and ask them why they work with you - this is one of the very best ways to learn others' perception of your value, not just your perception.

Draft a short version (elevator pitch) and a longer version for when you engage someone in conversation. Think about their needs, not your features and benefits. How can you solve their problems?

Bounce what you wrote off of others; keep honing, knowing that every word makes a difference.

Try it out at networking events and social settings. Do people say to you, "How do you do that?" (which is a GOOD sign!) or do they turn and run..... or something in between?

Post your favorite references, books, and articles here on crafting a value proposition for others to see.

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