Follow Through in Selling

We all know when a company is going through that "growth" phase - when disconnects start to happen more frequently between departments, or between customers and the company. The ball gets dropped one too many times - and we say, "they are going through a growth phase" - especially if we work for this company, and our prospects and customers start complaining about things that we know should not be happening.

Sometimes it is US going through a "growth phase" - if you work for a company, you still manage your sales territory like a business, I assume? Or you head up your own company, as I do.

Feeling that I'm in "growth mode" right now - I have to be careful and cognizant to follow up and follow through on all commitments - not just ones you feel are "more important" - ALL commitments. Otherwise, don't make commitments or promises - because these demonstrate just how thorough you are, how much follow through you provide, and how proactive you are.

Don't skip the simple requests or make quick promises and disregard them. If you do, correct it and let your associate, prospect, or customer know that you did drop the ball - no excuses. Move forward from there, and let your actions speak louder than your words. It could make the difference between success and faliure.

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills

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