Drip Mailing Campaigns - Why They Work

Next Monday, May 1st, our 21 minute Sales Inspiration call will focus around drip marketing - the art of "touching" the prospective customer and prospective qualified customer enough times to build up some trust and familiarity. To join in, get the information here.

How many times have you gotten a call or been contacted in some way with a company selling something you were interested in, but not at that specific moment? Chances are the rep never followed up, or if they did, they didn't follow up enough times to compell you to purchase from them when you were finally ready. I know that the person who sold me my last house was wonderful, but he never followed up with me. For several years, because I had such a great selling experience with him, I vowed to buy my next house through him, but then he never ever followed up. It made me feel like he didn't care, nor value my potential business. In fact, I had referred others to him - he made money off of his relationship with me - but he didn't follow up.

Think about how you re-contact prospective clients and customers, and consider doing a campaign where you have a control group of good, targeted prospects. Design a series of letters (will give more detail about how to do this in the next post) and then do a follow up call.  Or, hire someone to design these for you - using postcards, or short, well-crafted letters. The point is to get your brand and your message across several times in a fun or educational way. It should focus on them, not you.

Post your questions and this week will be spent thinking about campaigns like this.

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