Do You Have an Imperfect Biz Video?

I just posted a video that was put together for me at a conference last fall - I haven't really used it but finally put it up on my Biznik profile page (click to take a look - would love feedback). My feeling, once I put it up was that I didn't like it at all. In so many ways it doesn't resonate or represent me as well as it could, and should.

After all, this is a way for people to view you prior to conversation - and keep moving on if they don't get their interest piqued.

The problem was that I was one of a number of folks being filmed, and the camera was in and out of my presentation - not focused on parts I wanted - but what was convenient on the schedule to do. This is NOT a good idea. Ultimately I got a somewhat second rate job done - at a fraction of the price of me hiring a camera on my own and getting the edits just as I wanted them.

However, with that said - I still have something that was professionally put together. It is better than most hand-held video camera projects (not all) - but here is how I really tested the video's effectiveness: feedback.

Multiple social media and video folks have given me feedback that yes, it is far from great, but yes, it does convey professionalism. Will I get a better one created? YES. For now, this will do.

I'm writing this because lots of folks hold back - waiting for perfection. What can I say? I live near Redmond, WA - home of a little software company that always has bugs in its products.

Don't wait - get something out there - and start working on the next iteration.

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