Day 8 of Ten Days To Your Best Q4


By now, if you’re following this ten day series, you’re probably starting to see a pattern – lots of focus on YOU and less on your prospects and customers. It is my strong belief that success in selling has so much less to do with your prospects, and much MORE to do with yourself. We had two days about “knowing yourself”. The similar heading was not a typo – as you might have thought – but a hint of the focus. Confidence is one of the key factors in personal success – on the flip-side is self-efficacy. This is beyond confidence.

Studies have been done on factors that determine how effective someone is – research based on work done by Professor Albert Bandura summarizes,

Human functioning is viewed as the product of a dynamic interplay of personal, behavioral, and environmental influences.

What this means to you is that just feeling confident isn’t enough. Just behaving in a way that supports your selling isn’t enough. Having a great work environment, great products or services isn’t enough – it is a combination of these areas that lead to success.

Your Challenge

Without a lot of academic mumbo jumbo, think about WHAT supports you? Are your actions in support of your words? Do you have habits that lead to success, or do you say you’ll prospect but never do it? Do you have business cards to follow up on or write thank you notes for – but just never get it done? Do you have an environment where it is impossible to succeed?

Make a list of three things you can improve – from either your personal influences, your behavioral influences, or environmental.

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