Day 7 of Ten Days To Your Best Q4

How Creative Are You?

There are few problems that cannot be solved with some creativity. True, a small percentage problems just cannot be solved – but the majority of challenges are able to be figured out. Knowing this, when you are just SURE that you’ve tried EVERYTHING to make something happen – move a deal to closure, or help a client solve an issue – don’t give up. Try one more step.

Your Challenge

Think of THREE situations (preferably having to do with selling, but could be something else). Write them down, as well as what can’t happen or is not happening, plus what you’d like to happen. Now find at least two new strategies that you could try to get these situations moving forward. If you are totally stumped, ask someone whose opinion you trust. Ask a peer, or an industry professional. Apply the idea that seems the most workable, and give it a try.

Never limit your options – unless you have truly tried everything. Most people try two or three things and give up. Take it just a couple of steps further and you’ll see more situations resolved.

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