Day 6 of Ten Days To Your Best Q4

Watch The Words You Choose

--in your writing and your speaking

Short and sweet today – take a look – a review – at the words you choose to convey most anything.

Look for power words.

Look for phrases that lend toward opportunity rather than problems.

Be a leader with what you say and how you say it.

Less is MORE (hence, this short message today)

Your Turn – Critique Your Work

Take a look at what you have written in the last week – sent emails, proposals, or letters. Select one or two and re-work them for more powerful words and to convey better what your message is.

Check out the Business Letter Writing website - great tools and tips. Hone your skills!

Also, test your WordPower - at Marian York's site. You can gain a lot from this exercise!

We’ve got even more coming

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