Day 2 to Increase Your Sales

Sales Tip: Plan your work, and work a written sales plan.

At the beginning of a new month, are you writing down your goals for the month? Do you have a quarterly goal for more than just total revenues - but for activities that lead to sales? Are you creating a written sales plan for next year? Example: 10 calls per week to referral partners, or 20 follow up calls to prospective clients. You can always adjust them - but setting them in stone is a strong way to remind yourself to follow through.

Sales Inspiration: “Selling is valuable & necessary to build my business and community.”

Until you exchange cash (credit, checks) for work, you don't have a sustainable business. Some people - especially service providers - are uncomfortable selling "themselves" - so make it a point to solve that issue this month. There are many ways to do so. You have to be confident and grounded in order to be able to ask people whether they will buy your products and/or services - be sure you know how to do this. Ask others for help.

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