Day 1 to Increase Your Sales

In the days to come, I'm offering 50 tips and 50 inspirations to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales people to sell more. A tip along with more of an inspirational thought can be the best combination to success. You may be more oriented toward the specific "take action" tips, and that is great. You'll get a new one each day. If inspiration is what you need to get moving, then focus on the daily sales inspirations. If you are someone who can combine the two - big things can happen! Let's get right to it, and please post your comments, questions, and successes.

Sales Tip: Make contact with five prospective clients this week.

Sales Inspiration: "I have a powerful message to offer the world."

By making a list of your top five prospective clients and making contact with them, you are taking charge and taking action. Many people slow things down due to the holidays here in the U.S. and my advice is to not do that! Keep moving, keep taking actions, and grow your base of prospective customers. Also keep qualifying those prospective customers to ensure that they are the right people to do business with you.

Having a powerful message to offer the world means that you need to get the word out and tell people what it is that you do and how you serve them well. If you did not believe that your business offering was powerful, unique, better than the rest, or something really special, then you would have great difficulty selling this product or service. Say this inspiration to yourself every day and keep honing what it is - you'll increase prospects, have a clearer product or service offering, and grow revenues.

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