Create Your Own Video

I have a client who is also a good friend of mine named April Brown.

April is one of the most successful charity auctioneers in the West, perfecting her craft for the past 13 or so years.

Last year she decided to expand to the worldwide market and widen her opportunities. One area she dived into is creating her own video - and actually has a studio set up in part of her home office. She has multiple cameras and has done live and archived shows - take a look and feel free to contact her directly if you want to know how to utilize the tools she is using.

She also created and is selling a very cool audio CD, called "Money is Marvelous", that shows you step by step how to put on the most successful charity auction you've ever done - telling secrets that no auctioneer has ever divulged (that I know of) without paying them a handsome fee. Check her website out click here

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