Cranking Up Your Activity to Grow Sales

I talk about this a lot - yet I find it is the one area that most people could make an impact on to build their business if only they could focus on this one thing - making regular, business building calls, emails, and follow ups to those. If you have created a website that captures prospective customer information, or lets you know when someone has visited a specific page of your site, this is fantastic - because it is automated. Then you just need to focus on the messaging, the offers, and in creating a dynamic site that attracts more interest.

If you are not doing that - you need to do some outreach to grow your revenues. You need to be on your potential customer's mind. I created a couple posts that talk about this, and would love to share them.

Sales and Revenues Don't Grow on Trees - or Do They? - talks about several things you can do to build your business.

The Answer to Your Prospecting Problem - shares a real success story that was told to me yesterday about prospecting.

What's your take? Do you set aside a time every week, or is business already bursting through the seams? How do you grow business? Your tips will impact and inspire others - so please share your thoughts.

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills

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