To Clean Your House, Throw a Party in Your Home (and other sales ideas)

So many of us in "selling" or wearing the sales hat are challenged with getting things done. We have every intention to do so, but things happen. Or, we never set goals and we don't know how to measure our success.

If you have having trouble getting your house thoroughly clean and organized - you throw a party in your home, right? That way you are sure that by a specific date (hopefully before the party happens) all is done.

The same is true for accomplishing anything. Put it out there, challenge yourself, and make it happen.

OK, so I am having a party this weekend and this analogy fits well. Reminds me I need to full-out dust and do things we rarely do around here.

Are you planning your 2010 yet? Many businesses will be diving into planning for the next year soon - especially with flat or low sales anticipated for Q4 of 2009. How about you? What is the plan? Can you make it big, with a vision that will propel you? If you want to know more on how to do this, contact me through Score More Sales.

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