Calling All Relationship Sales Leaders…. Your Input Wanted…

AllBusiness (owned by D&B) just launched a new feature on Sales and Relationships - where we will be focusing on how it is relationships forged through one form of contact or another, are what build revenues - more than process, strategy, and product features.

It's something we in selling inherently know to be true - but in this column, we will showcase the leaders in sucessfully promoting this effort on an ongoing basis.

Your part: I am looking for links to those most influmential in selling & relationship building - please post a comment, tweet me at @scoremoresales, or send me an email: lori (at) scoremoresales (dot) com. If you can send me information on websites, programs, and organizations that focus on building relationships to grow business, that will be great as well. I will reference you and appreciate your help, in advance.

Topics: Sales Ideas & Skills

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