Book & Workbook on Sales Tips and Inspiration...

What would one half of a day of focused work on building your revenues do for you? I often don't blog or Tweet about my own products, because I am so excited to send tips and ideas of others' which help busy sellers or biz owners.

I have to "toot my own horn" though, because I"ve now sold thousands of copies of "50 Ways in 50 Score More Sales" - the book, and have done dozens and dozens of one-hour coaching sessions in conjunction with this little yellow book of inspiration and accompanying workbook.

Just want you to know it's out there - and make a special offer if you are "on the fence" -

Sign up for the BUNDLE (book, workbook, and one hour of focused, phone-based sales coaching) and I am adding in an extra 30 minutes at no additional cost. Yep, that's 90 minutes just for you and I to talk strategy for YOU and your business. My corporate rate is hundreds of dollars per hour, but this bundle is "new salesperson" or "in a rut salesperson" friendly at just $119. Contact me if you need more information. Get out of that rut, or learn some real tips and gain inspiration for the first time. If you are experienced but in a slump - I'm for you as well. We just start where you are at, and help you move forward to where you want to go.

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