Being Cool in Sales (or anything, for that matter)

Being a "seasoned sales professional" I guess you can say I'm not Gen Y. I do like to think of myself as somewhere between Gen X and Baby Boomers. That makes me feel younger. I'm on "the cusp". And I like to feel that I'm somewhat cool, at times. Not often, but occasionally. Here's what makes me feel that I'm on the cutting edge and, as Boomers would say, "with it":

I use my mobile phone as my alarm clock.

I send e-cards with gift cards accompanying them.

I can use the word podcast correctly in a sentence.

I blog (for several years now)

I facilitated a discussion about technology between some Gen-X class participants and some "older" Boomers. Boy was that eye-opening. Ultimately I tabled the discussion until after our session - preferably at the bar.

I've been accused of "hiding behind e-mail" - that was an eye-opening comment to me.

My web design team is in their 20's.

Finally, I enjoy ice hockey. You've got to agree that is a cool sport.

How does what you feel about yourself affect how you sell and conduct business? Think about it - it might be a healthy session to have with yourself. How are you limiting your ideas, and how are you not relating to all of the age groups represented in today's business world?

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