3 "Must Do's" For Anyone Who Sells

When you have your sales hat on, there are three foundational "do's" that set the groundwork for everything else. We talked about that today on the weekly sales inspiration teleconference, which happens each and every Monday morning (for more info, click here.)

First and foremost, you must KNOW THE VALUE OF YOUR OFFER. No matter what you sell, or how you sell it (B2B, B2C, direct, or retail) it's critical to understand and have confidence in the value that YOU bring to the table. People buy emotionally, and they buy from people. If you believe you are selling a commodity item, product or service; and add no value - then save us all and don't waste our time. If you DO believe, on the other hand, about the value your offer brings, specifically to me as a prospect, make it your duty to get a time to talk with me and convey why. It may take five or ten tries - or twenty..... I don't know about you, but I believe that until I have at least discussed my offer with my prospect, and gathered more information from my prospect through powerful questions would I stop the follow up - assuming they said "no".

Secondly, you must have INTEGRITY. With an established reputation of delivering value, along with promptness, professionalism, communication, and empathy - come referrals from your existing customers and alliance partners. Actions speak louder than words.

Thirdly, you  must have A PREDICTABLE PLAN/PROCESS. This will cause nothing to fall through the cracks; no opportunity forgotten, no contact neglected, and action items due on time. I don't care what plan or process you use (CRM, Outlook, or fancy combination) but it must be "no-fail".

On the call we also identified rapport buidling as a must-do. It takes multiple contacts and impressions before a deal happens. This is because it takes time to develop trust (or talk to others who have that trust and experience developed).

What other thoughts are there on the "MUST DO'S" of selling? What are your "DON'TS"?

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