10 Sales Productivity Killers

I'm thinking about my clients, my colleagues, and myself when writing these. Did I miss any?

1. Websites you use that won't work properly. Tonight it is my blog platform.

2. Conflicts in technology - earlier in the week I disabled my Skype so as to not kill my Firefox. I'm not a techie - was a wild guess.

3. Others' emergencies and interruptions in general

4. Lack of focus (or prolonged focus)

5. Lack of overarching vision / mission / goals

6. time wasters..... in the form of unnecessary meetings, drawn out questions (get to the point!)

7. Unfocused prospects..... they need to focus to understand how to solve their issue

8. Printer problems... uh, ok - that was my diversion (see: lack of focus)

9. Poor qualifying - always drags you down the wrong path if you don't properly qualify up front

10. Disorganization and poor self management - surf the web for hours.... keep reorganizing.... (see: lack of focus)

did I mention lack of focus? list your top PKs...

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