There Is No Substitute for Top Notch

Willows Lodge Offsite

It's a term that originated in the 1820's - "top-notch". It means outstanding, notable, superior.

Quality surroundings, impeccable customer service, and amazing attention to detail creates a great first impression and begins the foundations of customer loyalty.

That is the experience I received recently at one of the top resort spas in the country - it is here in the Pacific Northwest - a place called Willows Lodge in wine-friendly Woodinville, Washington.

Staying at a top hotel or spa reminds one of what really makes an impression - and it is not from being mediocre or middle-of-the-road. Average gets you nowhere. Now more than ever, you and your business need to stand out.

Since traveling my fair share this year, I've come to accept average in hotel stays - that's why it was such a treat to be somewhere that made me feel special. I didn't want to leave.

Special comes in many forms - I can generalize at this point, rather than fawning over the lovely hotel I happened to stay at and mention key reasons locations like this become memorable:

- Offering services that their industry counterparts don't

- Making a great product - the food, in this case, was unbelievable. The rooms were delightful. I facilitated for a client with 30 of their employees, and at the end of the day, I felt like the location / food / service helped ME make this a memorable day for my client. The location was my secret sauce - and yet, I hadn't even been the one to select the site. It supported me anyway and allowed everyone to focus on learning.

- Allowing one to "escape" - to feel that you are a million miles away because of the beautiful surroundings

So - how do YOU offer "top-notch" service? What can you extend to your customers and those potential clients to give a better sense of the value you offer? What is your "spa retreat" service and how will you know whether it resonates with your client base? Post your thoughts - let's get the discussion going!

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