The Challenge of Live Events....

1. Finding a nice venue that can hold enough folks for networking and presenting

2. Gaining the support of the local small business owners - through Twitter, Facebook, and local business organizations, including Biznik - so that we can fill the room and get more people connected.

3. Coordinating schedules to show up when people actually want you there.

I know it is easier to hunker down and build my tele-conferencing skills, improve my Skype presence, and let the world come to me - but I'm going out to where the small business owners and entrepreneurs are. I hope you will come along - this is a year-long venture. In the meantime, please post your big goals and I will push them out to the world. Then, check in and let us know how you are doing.

Lori Richardson is on a "Fabulous 50-50-50-50" tour around the U.S. and parts of Canada. If you know of a town she should visit, or a local expert she can co-present with, drop her a note. Set your big audacious goals and post them for the world to see - then take action on them. More on Lori and the tour at Score More Sales.

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