Small Business Success Story: Compendium Inc

Their domain name is a give away as to what they do: - that is the business and purpose of the company known for their inspirational books, greeting cards, postcards, and window-pane notes. They began in the mid-'80s and are going strong in 2010.

Founder Dan Zadra sat down with me and a few of my friends this week in Seattle and talked to us about how rewarding it is to run a company where the product is words and phrases that have a big impact on others. You can read about Compendium's humble beginnings and see their products. He talked specifically about the book called One - How Many People Does it Take to Make a Difference? he co-wrote with company president Kobi Yamada.

I've been a Compendium fan for more than ten years. When my son was away at school, I'd send him inspirational postcards that Compendium created - beautiful art with powerful words - a winning combination.

The company itself continually receives awards such as "Best Place to Work" - and the low turnover is proof of that.

After 25 years, people still want and need inspiration products - in fact now more than ever.

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