Singing Trio "Sister" Teaches a Sales Lesson

One year ago I was introduced to the singing trio of sisters from Minnesota called Sister who blend the most beautiful vocals you could ever imagine. They helped close the Sales Shebang event last August - which was spectacular (the event AND the music).

Fast forward to last Saturday night. I am at the eWomenNetwork International Conference in Dallas - an annual event for me. Not knowing who the talent for their first-ever "talent showcase" - I was all smiles when I saw my three favorite sister vocalists again - the trio Sister performing. Wow, did they ever grab the room - between the vocals, the words, and their stage presence - everyone was thrilled by their performance - including eWomenNetwork founder Sandra Yancey. Sandra came up on stage once they finished and gave them all a hug.

My tie-in to sales is this: Sister did EVERYTHING right with this brief opportunity they had, including

Professional - they were dressed the part and carried themselves like winners.

Enthusiastic - they were full of energy and excitement

Quality - their "product" - their voices - nailed it. They can differentiate themselves by how well they sing and work together.

Confidence - they had it.

The official winner of this talent event turned out to be a hilarious comic named Cat Simmons - she truly did bring the house down. It was great to see Sister again though - they did remind me of the qualities of sales champions - and they did it through music. What standards are you focusing on in differentiating yourself, your products, and your services? Just hum a little tune and figure it out...

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