Post Your Comments: State of the Union for Small Business

All of us writers & bloggers at AllBusiness THIS WEEK are posting stories, comments, and insights regarding how the current economy and governmental decisions are affecting small business. If you would send me a comment via this blog, or email me at lori at scoremoresales dot com OR send me a comment via my Twitter feed @scoremoresales I will work to include your comments.

As a professional or business owner - what do you think about current conditions, how recent policies are affecting you, and what you need in the next year? Stories, q&a, profiles, discussions – post your thoughts on the past year and what’s coming next.

Why would you want to participate?

1. This is a site-wide effort which should yield more visibility for your comments.

2. AllBusiness is owned by Dun & Bradstreet - we get linked and re-linked all over the world.

3. If I use your comment I will also post a link to your website.

Hurry and do this today! Thanks for your help, and feel free to pass it along.

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