Monday Telecall for Sellers and Sales Pros – 3 Steps for Setting Sales Goals That Really Work

We kicked off a "re-newed" weekly tradition - a telecall to fire you up on Monday mornings! I challenge you to participate for the duration of the 21 minute call and not leave with at least a TINY bit more inspiration, a new idea, or the review of an old idea you've shelved away.

Today we discussed 3 steps for setting sales goals that really work. A couple of highlights were that we were joined by 1) one of my fellow All Business bloggers, Denise O'Berry who writes about small business and has some wonderful ideas. Check her out - and 2) a business owner calling in from South Africa. There were half a dozen other folks as well.

I really try to keep my ideas and comments "worldly" - not USA-centric, so I always appreciate callers from other parts of the world dialing in. There is much to be gleaned from the entire continent.

The call works like this (although we were much more interactive this morning) -

15 minutes of idea-sharing, and 6 minutes for questions. No sales pitches, just ideas and info.

Here are the take-aways from our call today:

Focus on three things when setting sales goals that really work.

1. Be clear on your personal vision. When your vision is crystal clear, goals are simple to come up with, and you are less likely to get sidetracked when new opportunities pop up.

2. Don't be isolated: work with others in a brainstorming session. Consider this a personal brainstorming session, or work reciprocally with a few other trusted individuals - you help them with theirs, and they help you with yours. You will be astounded with the results when you get out of your comfort zone and out of your "self-centric" line of vision. This is where great growth can happen. Business owners and professional sellers often get isolated and overwhelmed. Reslove to change this for you if you find yourself feeling this way.

3. Be authentic and bold. Make sure others understand your value - they will help you to your goals that way. Be authentic so that your goals are headed toward your vision - a vision that you really care about, one that fires you up. It doesn't wear you down. Also, be bold, with big goals - you will know if they are right based on how they make you feel inside. For me, I really get physical feelings based on my ideas and decisions - I remember the first time I worked as auctioneer at a charity event and I was terrified (initially) - then ultimately, when I stepped on stage, was nervous but confident. Listen to yourself. If you don't have enough of a stretch goal, s-t-r-e-t-c-h it more.

Join us NEXT Monday.. more details here, a link from the Score More Sales website. As always, contact me directly by email if I can help explain something more clearly.

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