Las Vegas Trade Shows

It's great to warm up in Las Vegas for a few days - although in the low 60's, it is not raining (as it continues to do back home, for 30+ days straight).

I did a post on All Business about how the World of Concrete is an annual event here in Vegas - and the second largest trade show that Las Vegas holds, second only to the Consumer Electronics Show. Amazing! Two of my colleagues have a client at the show so they are currently immersed in the aggregate world. I'm hoping that at dinner they won't continue on with an earlier conversation that began, "Did you know that there is a worldwide concrete shortage?"

I'm not a hospitality expert, but have been told that Las Vegas holds more trade shows in the U.S. than anywhere else (by far) - so that can only mean one thing: lots of salespeople running around.

An interesting resource on trade show tips I found is at Tradeshow Startup. While I have clients who do tradeshows, typically I have not been involved in any for years, but remember the mammoth effort and risks that are taken with time and financial investments to pull a great show off.

There are many promotional item websites as well. One very unconventional one is a local retailer with great mail order capabilities called Archie McPhee's. This site has odd, strange things, including bendy skeletons or "Glow Bones" that I have used for direct mail pieces to people who refuse to return a phone call [the written note included usually is, "This is me, waiting to hear from you" - or something to that effect.]

What are favorite promotional items, either for a trade show or direct mail piece? Post your ideas in comments and we will create a list. Promotional marketing companies welcome to offer ideas and websites too.

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