Business Tribute to Veterans, Social Entrepreneurs, and Non-profits Helping Others

All of us at Score More Sales wish to thank veterans of all eras for everything. My dad was a WWII Navy veteran and also served in the Korean War. He passed on this year, but I will always remember how dedicated he was to serving others and that he felt it his responsibility to serve. At his assisted living center last Veteran's Day, they had a special event to recognize all those who served and I'll never forget the sense of pride these elder folks had, even years after they served. Thanks dad, and the many members of the military who serve us selflessly.

There are lots of big name activists and companies doing good. Just this week I’ve been exposed to a number of very interesting folks in business to serve others, or in non-profits to serve others. I wanted to recognize a few of them, since they are not big household names and causes - (yet) on this day of thinking about serving others – in hopes that you might be motivated to join in one of these causes:

Mike McCamon of – One billion people in the world lack safe drinking water. This cause is very interesting in that they can help you help them in an active or in a very passive manner. Check them out and how they offer you options to get involved. Oh, and take a look at their current focus - World Toilet Day

Tiziana Dearing is the CEO of an organization called Boston Rising. It is one of those great local mighty causes that you hear about and want to help. Their mission is to end poverty in Boston by clearing a path for the next rising class. They mobilize resources and invest for the future. Tiziana is a passionate speaker and I expect I'll be hearing a lot more about her in the months and years to come.

Tickets for Charity (website no longer live) is a Boston based company that obtains tickets from sports organizations (like the Boston Red Sox) and sells them with a percentage of the proceeds going to support that sports organization’s charity. In the case of the Red Sox, over a million dollars has been raised for their foundation.

What causes can you help through your business that are win/win? Why not grow business and help change the world while you are doing it?

Post your ideas and how your business helps fight the issues in our world. We'll post them and share with others.

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