How to Make a Sales Contest Effective

We just kicked off our Summer Sales Challenge concept and figure that you’d like to know more about HOW to do it now that you understand the why of doing it.

Since we don’t believe in “silver bullets” –

 or one specific way to do something in the B2B sales world, we’d like to share a number of resources to help you decide what will work best with your team(s).

One of our best resources is our friends at Ambition, who have a sales performance management platform and have guided companies in creating leaderboards, coaching, and other services to support your reps’ success. They have two helpful links below which will give you some great ideas in crafting your Summer Sales Challenge:

1) The 7 Most Epic Sales Contests Run by Our Clients (and Why they Worked)

2) Three Keys to a Successful Sales Competition

Here are some other inspirational ideas. See what works for you, and remember it is about encouraging those performers in the middle – where you have the opportunity to make the greatest gains in activity and production.

Sales Hacker posted a great article from Bizzabo written by Mark Brooks  - Why the Best Sales Contests Don’t Reward the Top Producers

Jeremy Boudinet of Nextiva shared 30 Sales Contest Ideas and Incentives to Motivate Your Sales Floor

Xactly posted Six Creative Sales Contest Ideas that can Increase Sales Performance

Think about creating an environment where people want to show up and work.

Talk with Lori

If you don’t have that type of work atmosphere now, it’s upon leadership to fix it – not on the reps to just figure it out and make due.

Share your successes, ideas, and photos on Instagram and/or Twitter #SummerSalesInspiration and feel free to tag us @ScoreMoreSales if you’d like. Best contest wins!

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