Learn One New Thing Each Week This Summer

training and developmentSummer officially begun in North America – what will you learn over the summer months to grow your sales and build a successful territory in your sales career?

This is the PERFECT time to make a list of the things you want to improve on – and in many cases you NEED to improve on to be better at your CRAFT of professional sales. It’s a time when productivity often goes down a bit – but it could turn out to be THE most beneficial time for you due to what you can learn about yourself and your craft.

Yes, being a sales professional is a craft.

At one time, you need to be a:


Communications expert


Master negotiator

Data scientist

Tech tools wizard

Project management expert

Personal brand builder

Self-awareness guru

So where to start? Start with that one thing that has been bugging you – the toleration that is costing you potential meetings, deals, or revenue.

Do you want to learn more about social presence and build your brand online?

Do you need to update that LinkedIn profile from resume to sales-focused?

Are you in need of stories to help paint a picture for your next buyers you speak with?

Are there technical tools that you need to master that your company offers but you don’t use?

Whatever it is, NOW is the time to work on it.

Make a 1% improvement EVERY day – that means you do a little every day to learn, not 180 degree shifts (unless you have a couple of days of down time to do that – that’s an immersion program which we also like to see when necessary)


You can’t get ahead by not changing and you can’t improve without learning.

Share what you’re going to learn through the Twitter hasthtag #summeroflearning

For me, it’s to master video interviews and video in general.

What’s yours?

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