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Say-This-Not-ThatThe book series, Eat This, Not That, developed from a column in Men’s Health Magazine and was written by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding. I have flipped through one of the ETNT books and have seen David being interviewed. The idea was to have a very easy way to see what TO eat and what NOT TO eat. They used pictures (which is why I liked it, I’m sure as I’m extremely visual).

I always think about those books when I’m working with a group of new sales reps who are using common wrong words and phrases in their attempts to message buyers they hope will become prospective clients.

In that spirit I bring to you the first edition of “SALES: SAY THIS, NOT THAT!” and would welcome your own suggestions for what to say and what not to say. Let’s make a giant list and help all the SDRs and BDRs and new reps to ramp up quicker.


Send us your best by September 1st and you may be one of our coffee card winners. Give us your worst offender phrases and sayings.  

Wonder what some of the BEST questions to ask your prospect are?

Download Best Questions For Prospects

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