Friday Five - Will to Manage Sales

Will to Manage Sales

Do you have these five components as a sales manager? It takes much more to be successful, however these five areas make up what Objective Management Group calls the Will to Manage Sales.

DESIRE – this is how badly you want to achieve sales success

COMMITMENT – the willingness to do WHATEVER IT TAKES – your unconditional commitment to improve

MOTIVATION – how motivated are you to succeed?

OUTLOOK – how you feel about your role, the company you work for, and your overall enthusiasm for sales management

RESPONSIBILITY –do you take full responsibility when you don’t get your desired results, or do you make excuses?

There are ten more sales management competencies and five areas called sales management DNA. More on those later.

RANK Your Sales Team


 “Good sales leaders are not born. They’re trained.” – Dave Kurlan, Objective Management Group

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