Friday Five - Professional Development

Sales Professional Development

Resource #1

Modern Sales Pros virtual Google group and in-person meetings for Sales Ops, Enablement, and Sales Leadership. They are totally focused on peer knowledge sharing and whether virtual or in-person, you’ll learn from them.

Resource #2

AA-ISP website and in-person events. Sure it says it’s the global association for “inside sales professionals” but we contend that it is for anyone in sales. Check them out.

Resource #3

The Sales House is an online sales community including a Slack group. It is an excellent source of insight for learning how to sell, and for improving everyday based on the number of live and recorded classes.

#4 Score More Sales Tip

Check out the Drift podcast Seeking Wisdom – it is for people who want to “get better every single day.” Sounds like us, right?


#5 Quote

“You’re either green and growing or you’re ripe and rotting.” – John Addison

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