Can You Fix Your Sales Hiring Mistakes?

sales hire mistakes

Sales leaders tell us they have a good percentage of reps who are not pulling their weight. Not only are some of their reps not making quota, but they are not working hard. It seems in many cases that they have unmotivated (or de-motivated) reps.

What makes this worse is when you have a rep who is not producing and who spreads negativity among the rest of the team.
You know the person I’m talking about – when someone mentions his or her name, others say, “oh, yea, we expect that from ____.”

They don’t want to get rid of this person or move them to another role for fear that he or she will go to the competition – along with customers.

We find the opposite happens. When someone who is negative and who is undermining a sales team leaves, a stronger seller replaces that person and few, if any customers leave.

The First Step

The first step to improving your sales team is to figure out what past mistakes have been costing you.

Try this Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator.

FREE Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator

Next, we’ll talk about how to grade your existing sales force.

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